Daily Car Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Daily car maintenance is the key to giving your vehicle a long-lasting and healthy life. You’ll need to ensure you perform certain tasks on your car to get the most out of it and reduce your repair visits. The following are some things you can do regularly to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape:

Change Your Oil When Required

Oil changes are mandatory preventative car maintenance tasks that you’ll find in your owner’s manual. It will tell you how frequently you need to change your oil if you want your vehicle to continue to run well. You should keep up with all those preventative maintenance tasks because they will help keep your car from experiencing severe symptoms. 

Keep an Eye on Your Brake Pads

You should check your brake pads frequently or have a mechanic look at them. Brake pad issues can be dangerous and cost you a lot of money if you let them go too far. Riding on worn brake pads can result in rotor wear and other issues. 

Check Your Air Filter

Your air filter is inexpensive and can cause a heap of problems if it gets clogged with dirt and debris. You can usually find the air filter under your hood in front of the driver’s side. Exchanging it typically only requires using a screwdriver or a prying tool. You can tell that it needs to be changed by the amount of dust on it, and some have layers of dust over them. 

Keep Some Gas in Your Car

Always keep enough gas in your car, so it does not get down to the reserve or bare minimum. The most contaminated gas usually resides at the bottom of the tank. By letting it go down to the lowest part, you risk allowing debris to enter your gas lines and system. That can cause severe damage to your fuel pump.

Alternatively, it could block your fuel filter. Both repair or replacement jobs can be expensive, depending on where the items are in your car. To avoid those expensive repairs, you should always keep a half-tank of gas in your vehicle. Fill it back to the half spot when it begins to get low, and you can help to stop your system from getting back up. 

Inspect Your Hoses and Belts 

Take the time to inspect your hoses and belts in between trips. Look for holes or slashes. You should also feel them to see if they appear too soft. The softness indicates wear, and you may need to replace one or two of them if you find that they have such softness.

Checking the hoses for wear will give you a heads-up about the ones you need to replace and will prevent you from having leaks at inconvenient times. 

Use the above basic car care practices to keep your vehicle in check and ensure you can get the most out of it. Contact a reliable automotive shop if you have any issues you can’t resolve. 

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