How Often Does a Car Need Service?

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Taking care of your car is the key to ensuring that it runs well for years to come—which means that taking your car in for regular maintenance and repair in Lubbock, TX should be part of your to-do list. The only question is when to do this.

Today, most cars come with maintenance reminders built into their computers. If you don’t drive a lot, you’d do better to rely on the built-in reminders rather than focusing on mileage- or time-based appointments. Note that service appointments are not synonymous with repairs—if you find that you need a repair, take your car in as soon as possible.

How to tell if your car needs service

The first thing you should do is pick up your car’s owner’s manual. This book will give you the factory-recommended maintenance schedule and what it should entail. Generally, you’ll only need oil changes and tire rotations up to about 35,000 miles; after that, service appointments will be more in-depth.

If you’re still taking your car to the dealership for service appointments, buyer beware: dealerships tend to recommend a lot of extra maintenance that your car may not actually need. The best way to avoid this is to read the manual. You’ll find out exactly what your manufacturer recommends, and can compare that to what a dealership says you “need.” This applies to independent mechanics and repair shops too. Ultimately, the more informed you are, the less likely anyone will take advantage of you.

What your service appointment might include

As you learn more about what your manufacturer recommends, you will likely notice that most service appointments include things like fluid replacement, inspections and tire rotations. We recommend printing out or copying the list in your manual and keeping it with you when scheduling a service appointment. That way, if they try to upsell you on different services, you can make an informed decision.

Sometimes your mechanic will find issues when servicing your car. For example, they might tell you that, while replacing your brake fluid, they found an issue with your brakes. This doesn’t mean that it’s an unnecessary repair; sometimes service and inspections reveal hidden problems. If it’s a safety-related problem, you might choose to go ahead and fix it the same day. On the other hand, if it won’t affect your driving and it doesn’t seem to be a pressing issue, you can ask to hold off until the next appointment.

In short, the best thing you can do for your car is learn about how it works, what kind of service you’ll need and when. Then, all you have to do is pay attention to the warning lights—and, of course, get an oil change at least once per year, even if you don’t drive your car often.

With honest and reliable auto service and repair in Lubbock, TX, M & M Tire & Service Center can help you keep your car running smoothly. Get in touch with us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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