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How Alignment Affects Your Tires’ Performance

February 13, 2024 Published by Leave your thoughts

Alignment plays a crucial role in the overall performance of your tires. Proper alignment ensures that your tires wear evenly, enhances vehicle stability, improves fuel efficiency, and provides a smoother and more comfortable ride. In this blog, we will delve into the impact of alignment on tire performance and highlight the importance of regular alignments for optimal tire function. 1. Even Tire Wear: When your vehicle’s alignment is off, the tires are subjected to uneven tread wear. Misalignment causes certain areas of the tire to bear more weight than others, leading to rapid and irregular tire wear patterns. This can... View Article

Signs Your Vehicle Needs An Alignment

March 10, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

Signs Your Vehicle Needs An Alignment Your vehicle’s wheels should be properly aligned to allow your tires to meet the road at the proper angle. This is necessary to prevent uneven wear on your tires and to make sure your car rides straight. Wheel alignment is a maintenance task that can be performed at any time throughout the year by a professional. Here are a few signs your vehicle needs an alignment. Your Steering Wheel Is crooked A crooked steering wheel is often an indicator that your car needs an alignment. Your mechanic will adjust your suspension angles — toe,... View Article

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

March 1, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s a nervous moment for any driver when the steering wheel starts to shake. This is a clear sign something is wrong with the vehicle, but figuring out precisely what is happening is not always so straightforward. What can you do when your car’s steering wheel starts to shake, and you aren’t sure of the cause? At M & M Tire & Service Center, we have some answers for what could be causing this issue. We want to help you just as we have helped our many customers before. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help make it happen.  Your... View Article

How Often Should I Get a Wheel Alignment Done?

January 25, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

The term “wheel alignment” refers to the process of checking the angles of the wheels in their position relative to each other and the car’s body or frame, then making whatever adjustments are necessary to make sure everything is in proper position. During this process, the vehicle gets lifted onto an alignment rack, and there are special sensors that get placed on every wheel to make it easier to ensure the proper angles. Based on the measurements that get taken with the help of the sensors, the technician performing the alignment is then able to correct the wheel angles to... View Article

Why Wheel Alignment in Lubbock, TX Is So Important

February 12, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

You rely on your car to get you wherever you’re going safely and reliably, so it’s essential to invest in its regular maintenance and care. One of the most important aspects of regular car maintenance that you need is wheel alignment in Lubbock, TX. Tire alignment is a simple service that can make a huge difference when it comes to the safety, performance, efficiency and longevity of your vehicle, but a lot of car owners don’t get this service often enough. Read on to find out more about why it’s so important to get regular wheel alignment for your vehicle.... View Article