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Why You Need a Diagnostic Test After a Car Wreck

August 26, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

So, you’ve been in a car accident where your car survived, although it’s a little worse for wear. As long as it still drives you from point A to point B, it’s fine, right? Not so fast—before you start driving your car again, you need to get a post-collision diagnostic test in Lubbock, TX. Even minor fender benders can have far-reaching consequences that may not reveal themselves until much later on. For your own safety and for the sake of keeping your car running as long as possible, schedule a diagnostic test as soon as possible. Your local mechanics can... View Article

Common Warning Lights on Your Vehicle’s Dashboard

April 20, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Regardless of the car you drive, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen at least one dashboard light illuminate while you’re behind the wheel. These dashboard lights aren’t just for show—there’s cause for concern when you see one turn on. This post will cover all of the most common dashboard warning lights in Lubbock, TX and what you should do when they illuminate: Oil pressure: The old-timey oil can is probably one of the most common dashboard lights drivers see. This light indicates that the vehicle is either running low on oil or that the oil isn’t properly circulating through... View Article

Six Reasons Car Maintenance Is Important

March 20, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Car maintenance requires an investment of time and money. Is it worth it? The answer is a resounding YES. Regular tune-ups and automotive diagnostics in Lubbock, TX are essential for a variety of reasons. Here are the top six: To stay safe: Without ongoing maintenance, your vehicle is at risk of malfunction. If issues cause less than optimal operation, you can experience problems on the road. To reduce risk and increase safety, keep your car in good shape with regular automotive diagnostics in Lubbock, TX. This service will identify any issues while they are still minor, so you can make... View Article

Routine Vehicle Diagnostic Testing and Why We Need It

June 25, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

An important part of keeping your car running smoothly for as long as possible and to avoid costly repairs, as well as emergency roadside services. is the practice of proper and regular vehicle maintenance. An important part of maintenance is getting regular automotive diagnostics in Lubbock, TX. Learn more about the types of necessary diagnostic tests and why they’re important for the long-term health and function of your car or vehicle. Diagnostic testing basics Your car’s components are computerized, assuming your car was manufactured during the last several decades. Car diagnostic tests read the built-in processors, microchips and sensors that... View Article

Do You Need a New Car Battery? Here Are Some Signs to Watch For

April 5, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Many of us ignore the troubling signs that our car’s battery is on its last leg until the dreaded moment when our car won’t start. And we all know that moment is usually on the worst day at the absolute worst time. Fortunately, there are many signs that indicate when the life of your car battery in Lubbock, TX is nearing its end long before it inhibits your progress at the moment you’re on the way to an important meeting or job interview: Age of the battery: The simplest indicator of your battery health is the expected life of the... View Article