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Vehicle Maintenance for This Fall

September 24, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

With the changing of the seasons, it’s important for you to stay on top of your vehicle care! As the weather starts to get cooler and wetter, there are certain steps you should take to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the winter months. Here are just a few examples of fall vehicle maintenance steps you should take with the assistance of a trusted auto mechanic in Lubbock, TX: Check your battery: When you go in for a vehicle tune-up, make sure the technicians check the status of your battery. They should be able to determine its remaining charge.... View Article

Questions to Ask Your Mechanic in Lubbock, TX

August 26, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Unless you’re a car buff, going to the mechanic can be a bit nerve-racking. There are plenty of mechanics out there who are more than willing to overcharge a customer simply because he or she doesn’t have a clue when it comes to their vehicle. Luckily, that won’t be an issue if you keep reading—this post from your friendly mechanic in Lubbock, TX will teach you a few questions to ask that’ll ensure you get the best and fairest service at the auto shop. What services do you offer? Believe it or not, not all mechanics provide a full scope... View Article

The Most Common Tire Myths and Misconceptions

June 14, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

The tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. After all, they’re all that stands between your vehicle and the road! Unfortunately, for people who don’t have a lot of experience with vehicles, it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing some of the common misconceptions that exist about tires. Here are a few examples of some of these myths and misconceptions and the truth behind them, from a mechanic in Lubbock, TX: You should always replace all four tires at the same time: While it certainly is beneficial to replace all of your... View Article

What’s the Right Tire Pressure for Your Car?

May 31, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Most cars manufactured within the last five to 10 years have indicators that go off when the tire pressure starts to get a little too low. But if you drive a vehicle that does not have this feature, determining whether or not the pressure is too low can be a bit tricky unless you actually use a pressure gauge. You might start to notice you’re having issues with low gas mileage that you didn’t have before, or that your car simply isn’t operating as nimbly as it once did. Maybe the car seems to be sitting lower to the ground,... View Article

How Often Should I Check My Car’s Antifreeze? Does It Need to Be Changed?

January 10, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Most drivers know how vital it is to make sure their cars are well stocked with clean oil, but many don’t realize that antifreeze is also crucial for strong auto performance. That bright liquid plays a key role in making sure your engine runs properly, especially in extreme hot or cold temperatures. With the winter months here, it’s even more important to make sure you understand what antifreeze is, but before you head straight to your local mechanic in Lubbock, TX with your questions, read further to learn some of the basics about antifreeze. What is antifreeze, and how does... View Article