Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

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Driving on worn-down tires is a dicey proposition. When tires are in bad shape, they can make your vehicle harder to handle. Damaged tires also have difficulty maintaining traction, so they are more likely to slide along wet roads.

So, how to tell if I need new tires? Unfortunately, the signs aren’t always as obvious as you need them to be. Continue with this article to better recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle warning signs that your tires are exhibiting.

Check the Tread Left on Your Tires

How to tell when my tires need to be replaced? Often, you can check the tread remaining on your tires if you need an answer to that question.

Checking the tread left on your tires is pretty easy. While examining your tires, look for small pieces of rubber embedded in them that are known as wear bars. You can identify a wear bar by its positioning because it will span the grooves in your tires.

Tires should be replaced if they are worn down to the point where a wear bar is visible. Do not delay replacement any further because you could end up putting yourself in danger.

Track How Quickly Your Tires Lose Pressure

Tire pressure will gradually drop as you continue to use your vehicle. Over the course of a month, you should lose about one pound per square inch from the original mark. That rate of deflation should hold if the tires are still in good condition.

If your tires are losing pressure faster than that, then there is a real issue that you need to address. Replacing your tires at that point is a very valid option to consider.

Inspect the Sidewalls of Your Tires

The tire sidewall extends from the tread to the bead of your tire, and it’s also the visible portion of the tire when you look at it from the side. Upon taking a closer look at the tire sidewalls, you may notice that they are bulging a bit.

A bulging sidewall is problematic because it hints that some part of the tire’s internal structure has sustained damage. There may even be a crack or a hole there that is affecting your tire pressure.

Given where the issue is located, repairing it could prove to be a difficult undertaking. In that scenario, your best option involves replacing your tires.

Don’t Ignore Irregular Vibrations

Does your car suddenly vibrate even if you’re passing over smooth roads? Those out-of-place vibrations are not just in your head. They are real warning signs for tire replacement.

The vibrations you feel are likely related to your tires moving out of position. They will keep moving that way until you replace them.

You Should Replace Old Tires

The need to replace tires may also be dictated by the passage of time. Tires start to show their age once they hit the six-year mark, but others may be usable for up to a decade.

Get your old tires checked out more frequently so you can be sure they are safe to use.

Replacing your tires can be a chore, but it sure beats the alternative of needlessly putting yourself at risk. Take note of the things we detailed here so you can always replace your tires at the right times.

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