Why Is My Car AC Not Working?

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Your car’s AC can go out suddenly, and it can certainly ruin your day quickly. The most common causes of broken AC leaks are compressor issues or leaks. If your AC is blowing cool but not cold, it can definitely make for an uncomfortable ride on a hot day. The solution can be a simple one, but it may also require a complex repair that would be risky to do yourself.

Common Causes of AC Not Working

If you are asking “Why is my cars ac not working?” it could be due to several different reasons. Read on to find out more.

AC Refrigerant Leak

The AC in your vehicle uses refrigerant which is a fluid designed to vaporize at a low temperature. It works to cool down the air prior to it blowing through the vents into the passenger compartment of the car. If the refrigerant is leaking from another place in the AC system, it will not be as effective at cooling the air down prior to it leaving the vents. Such a leak can be the result of a faulty component somewhere in the system such as the evaporator, hoses, compressor, or a sign of age if the vehicle is older.

Climate Control Electrical Issue

The AC has many buttons, control screens, and knobs that you use to adjust the temperature in your car. These buttons pass instructions on to the heating and cooling system. This component or the parts that support it, just like with any electrical tool or appliance, can fail for many reasons. As a result, the AC in your vehicle may begin to run faulty or stop working altogether.

AC Compressor Issue

The AC compressor is an essential part of your car’s AC system. The purpose of the compressor is to push refrigerant through the system and compress low-pressure refrigerant gas into high-pressure refrigerant gas. This process is all completed before it is passed on to the AC condenser.

If the AC compressor begins to fail, this simply means that the refrigerant can no longer be moved through the system reliably. This means that the air blowing through the vents is unable to be cooled.

Reasons for No Airflow Through Vent

Are you asking “Why is my vehicle ac not working?” This can also be due to other causes that have to do with a restriction of airflow from the vents.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is an electronically controlled fan that pushes air into the passenger compartment. The motor may stop working for many reasons due to the motor or the system controlling it failing.

Cable Operation

These systems are very simple. The issue with these is typically broken cables, but the controls can break as well.

Vacuum Operation

These systems use a vacuum to operate a vacuum motor, which in turn operates a flap or door. These controls can be electronic or mechanical and most of the time the issue is a vacuum leak. Once the systems lose vacuum, the airflow is directed to the windshield, which may be constant or only occur while driving.

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