How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

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Spring will arrive in Lubbock, TX before you know it. As we head into the warmer months, vehicle owners must plan out all the steps for spring car maintenance, lest they end up with a dead battery or bald tires. Here are some spring vehicle tips to get you started.

Align and rotate the tires

Your car is more likely to hit a pothole in the winter, which risks taking the wheels out of alignment. Once spring arrives, ask your local car technician in Lubbock, TX to realign and rotate the wheels. That way, the treads will wear evenly and last longer. Aligning the wheels also makes your car more stable on slick roads. Car owners who fail to do so could spin out if they’re caught in the middle of a severe rainstorm.

Run your air conditioner

It may sound silly to turn on your vehicle’s air conditioner when the temperatures are freezing outside. However, car owners will thank themselves later for it. Periodically checking the AC ensures it still works by the time spring rolls around. If you discover a broken air conditioner during the cold months, that gives you plenty of time to have a car technician repair the AC before you need it.

Top off your vehicle’s fluids

A standard part of spring car maintenance is checking your car’s fluid levels. Car owners should refill the windshield wiper fluid towards the end of winter because it’s used more frequently than in any other season. Also, spring is the most important time to make sure the brake fluid is functioning properly. The heavy rainfall of spring will challenge your vehicle’s ability to stop on a dime. Poor brake fluid means it takes more time and effort to slow your car on slick roads.

Clean inside and out

Many car owners enjoy washing the exterior until it shines, but neglect the underside of their vehicles. During winter, the components beneath your car accumulate salt and grime from the roads. All this debris builds up over time and causes your vehicle to rust. That’s why one of the most important spring vehicle tips is to visit a car wash in Lubbock, TX that will spray under your vehicle. Car washes also have stations where you can thoroughly clean the floors and upholstery.

Schedule a battery inspection

Checking your vehicle’s battery life is another key component of spring car maintenance. The engine has to work extra hard in the winter because frigid temperatures mean your car might not start. The wear and tear of winter drains your battery and increases the risk of failure during the warm months. Batteries can die without warning, so ask your car technician to inspect it before you end up stranded on the side of the road.

When temperatures begin to rise, you’ll know it’s time to show your vehicle some love and care. For additional spring vehicle tips, consult the car technicians at M & M Tire & Service Center. We’re your one-stop shop for tire rotation, fluid refills and everything else vehicles need in order to run smoothly in the warmer months.

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