Is Your Car Making a Funny Noise?

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Is your car making some clunking, clanking or squealing noises? You shouldn’t try to drown away these noises by turning up your vehicle’s stereo. Instead, you should listen to noises carefully. In most cases, a car making funny noise is an indication that there might be an underlying mechanical problem. Here are some funny noises that vehicles make and what they could mean.

1. Squealing Noises When Starting Your Car

You hear a deafening squealing screeching sound from the front of your vehicle as soon as you start it. The sound gradually fades away. This sound could mean that your serpentine belt is failing or approaching the end of its lifespan. The serpentine belt is the long rubber belt that sits on several wheels and pulleys in front of the engine. Inspect the belt and check for signs of wear and tear. Make sure you replace it as soon as possible if it’s worn out.

2. Rattling Noises When the Car Goes Over a Bump

When your vehicle drives over a bump or pothole, you will hear vibrating, squeaking or rattling noises. Such sounds can be a result of several factors. This could mean that either your engine or suspension bushings have worn out. Bushings are typically made of synthetic components or rubber. They are intended to cushion the various parts of your car like the engine and suspension, thus preventing vibrations and reducing friction.

On the other hand, it could also mean that your vehicle has worn ball joints, shocks, struts, or possibly a bad sway bar link. To figure out what the rattling sound means for your car, you will have to perform a bounce test once you have parked your car at home. If you can’t figure it out, you will have to visit a mechanic near you.

3. Whining or Squeaking When Turning the Steering Wheel

You hear a groaning, whining or squeaking sound coming from down the steering column when navigating the steering wheel. A vehicle making strange sound like this might have air inside its hydraulic power steering system. The air usually gets into the hydraulic power steering system when the hydraulic fluid runs low, or the pump fails. Make sure you check the level of your power steering fluid. The solution to the noise could be as simple as topping up the fluid. If the noises persist, your pump has likely failed, and you need to replace it.

4. Low Humming or Droning Noise

You hear this low humming or droning noise when accelerating, and it gets louder as your car moves faster. This could indicate that your tires are worn or old, or one or more of your tires is underinflated. The solution is as simple as fitting a new set of tires on your car or properly inflating the ones you have.

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