Car Emergency Kit Must Haves

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Car Emergency Kit Must Haves

In the event of a car emergency, you need to be prepared for anything. Whether you get a flat tire, your battery dies or severe weather forces you off the road, there are important things to keep in your car.

1. First Aid Kit

First aid kits are one of the most important items to have in your car. They can save a life and prevent serious injury. They contain everything from cold packs to tweezers, splints, and breathing barriers. They also have a variety of bandages and antiseptic cleaning pads.

2. Water

Having water in your car is an important part of any emergency kit. It can help you stay hydrated and keep your body functioning properly. However, it’s important to store your water correctly so that it doesn’t go bad quickly and will taste good after being in your vehicle for a while. This involves choosing containers that can withstand hot and cold temperatures as well as avoid any toxins from leaching into your water. Stainless steel bottles, jerry cans and other metal containers are ideal.

3. Food

Non-perishable foods like granola bars, nuts, and beef jerky can help you stay nourished if you’re stuck in your car for hours. Food is the second most important item to have in your emergency kit, after water. You should keep a gallon of water in your vehicle at all times. Some foods, such as peanut butter and almonds, are sensitive to heat. Even if you store these in an oxygen-free environment, the heat will cause the fats to go rancid.

4. Blanket

Blankets are one of the most important parts of any emergency kit. They should be stocked in your car, on top of your bed, or in any other space where it’s likely you will need them. They should be made from a material that will keep you warm, like wool or mylar. These blankets reflect heat and help you retain body heat, helping you stay warm when you’re cold and prevent hypothermia.

5. Phone Charger

Having a fully charged phone is essential in the event of an emergency, so be sure to include a good phone charger in your car emergency kit. Before you buy a phone charger, make sure it has the proper voltage and amperage ratings for your device. This will help you charge your phone faster and ensure the safety of your device and charger. A high-voltage charger can quickly fry your battery or short out its circuitry, while a low-voltage one will take ages to charge it.

6. Tow Rope

Tow ropes are long, heavy-duty ropes used in emergencies to tow cars and pull stuck vehicles out of mud or snow. They aren’t intended for long-term use, though, so be sure to check the spec before you buy one. A good tow rope should be made of synthetic fibers that are resistant to abrasion and UV damage, such as Dyneema or Spectra. It should also be able to store and stretch four times more than a traditional tow strap for smoother recoveries.

7. Safety Vest

Keeping a safety vest in your emergency kit is the first step toward getting help. Especially if you need to get out of your car, wearing a reflective vest can make a huge difference in how drivers see you.

8. Tools

There are several things that you need to have in your car emergency kit. These include tools that will allow you to get out of the car and fix problems on the roadside. A good tool kit should have wrenches and pliers that follow both standard and metric nuts and bolts. They should also include an electrical tester.

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