How Do You Know if You’re Hiring a Quality Auto Repair Shop in Lubbock, TX?

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No matter what car you drive, it’s going to need maintenance at some point—there’s just no way around it. It can feel overwhelming at times to compare all the different car servicing centers in your area, but making the right choice can save you lots of money and the headache of bringing the car in multiple times when the problem isn’t fixed right the first time.

Despite the challenges involved in finding the best mechanic in Lubbock, TX, there are some tips you can keep in mind when you’re shopping around that will hopefully help make your search more productive:

  • Ask around: One of the best ways to find a quality auto repair shop is to ask your local friends and family about their experiences with nearby shops. They will usually offer an honest opinion about places they’ve been, and a quick discussion will give you some initial direction for narrowing your search.
  • Consult online reviews: Though acquaintances might have valid opinions, you can also use online review sites like Yelp to give even more detail about different shops. As with all reviews, you have to take them with a grain of salt, but if you notice certain complaints or praise are repeated in reviews of a shop, it can give you a lot of insight in your search.
  • Ask questions and get estimates: While comparing different garages, make sure to ask questions about the service you need, how the repairs will work and what the costs are. Make sure to push the mechanic to explain something more thoroughly if you don’t understand. You should also ask about the shop’s certifications and the mechanics’ levels of experience, particularly with your car’s make and model. A mechanic’s response to your questions will give you a good idea of how he or she operates.
  • Start your search early: The catch is, you can ask around only when you have the time to do it. If you wait until your car’s engine is smoking before you find a good shop, you’ll most likely have to make a decision quickly without consultation. For this reason, you should try to find a go-to repair shop and have their number saved in your phone before you have an emergency.

If you keep these tips in mind, your search for excellent auto repair in Lubbock, TX will lead you right to M & M Tire & Service Center. Our knowledgeable staff has been dedicated to serving the Lubbock community for over 40 years, and one of the main reasons we’ve operated successfully for so long is because our customers trust us to charge reasonable prices for exceptional work.

M & M Tire & Service Center’s name shows that we clearly know our tires, but on top of that we perform a wide range of different automotive services. Some of the many services we offer include engine, brake, heating/air conditioning and suspension repairs, as well as routine oil changes and safety inspections. Call today to set up an appointment and make sure your car is running in top condition.

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