Make Sure to Winterize Your Vehicle This Fall!

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The cooler months are here, and it will only get colder as winter approaches. Is your car ready for cold weather? Here are seven winterizing tips from a professional mechanic in Lubbock, TX.

Test heater and defroster

Before you need to use your car’s heater and window defroster, make sure to test them. Start your vehicle and play with the thermostat, checking that the heating system powers on and every thermostat control works. You should feel warm or hot air coming out of the air vents, entering the cabin and blowing onto fogged-up windows. Initially, the air may smell musky from lack of use in the offseason, but this shouldn’t last for long. A heating system that doesn’t effectively warm up or defrost the windows needs service.

Check fluids

The car repair pros recommend checking your vehicle’s coolant level when the engine is cold. If this fluid is low, add a solution of half coolant and half water to keep the antifreeze working. Check the windshield wiper fluid and top off or replace with a freeze resistant formula. As for the oil, check your owner’s manual for the recommend oil viscosity. Check the dipstick throughout the cooler months to ensure oil quality.

Inspect the battery

Cold weather can take a toll on your car’s battery, so the best thing to do to avoid a roadside breakdown is to have the battery tested by a certified trained technician. They will be able to tell whether it’s in good condition or old and weak. A battery that needs replacing will have a hard time starting the engine on cold days.

Change damaged belts and hoses

The belts and hoses in your vehicle can break down in cold weather. You or your mechanic should inspect all belts and hoses for cracks, frays and other damage. Address any signs of wear and tear immediately.

Replace windshield wipers

This fall and winter, replace vehicle windshield wipers to avoid smudged and dirty windshield glass. Do you live in a particularly icy or snowy area? Although not a must, consider installing winter wipers. These wiper blades are wrapped in rubber to prevent snow and ice buildup. Ideally, you should replace windshield wiper blades whenever they begin leaving streaks or missing spots.

Maintain proper tire pressure

Since a drop in temperature can mean a loss in PSI, plan on checking your car’s tire pressure more often during the cold winter months. Add air to tires as needed, but only up to the manufacturer’s recommendations—find this information in your owner’s manual or in the driver’s side door panel.

Schedule regular maintenance

Regular professional maintenance is key to a long lasting vehicle. Even if you don’t drive your car very often, you should at least have it serviced at the start of every new season. A pro will get your car ready to take on the cold weather and be able to identify whether there are any problems.

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