Common Warning Lights on Your Vehicle’s Dashboard

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Regardless of the car you drive, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen at least one dashboard light illuminate while you’re behind the wheel. These dashboard lights aren’t just for show—there’s cause for concern when you see one turn on. This post will cover all of the most common dashboard warning lights in Lubbock, TX and what you should do when they illuminate:

  • Oil pressure: The old-timey oil can is probably one of the most common dashboard lights drivers see. This light indicates that the vehicle is either running low on oil or that the oil isn’t properly circulating through the engine. Either way, this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any problems under the hood.
  • Tire pressure: If the tire pressure is too high or too low, a dashboard light that looks like a tire will start to blink. Bring your car to a mechanic right away, as driving on over- or under-inflated tires is dangerous.
  • Engine temperature: When a red thermometer pops up on your dashboard, you know there’s something wrong with your engine temperature. The problem most likely stems from a lack of coolant, though there may be other causes. We advise bringing your vehicle to a mechanic straight away to avoid further complications.
  • Traction control: A car that looks like it’s sliding is the traction control light, and it means that your wheels are starting to slip. Since you’re on a slippery road, slow down and drive with caution when you see this light.
  • Anti-lock brake warning: If you see the ABS light start to blink, bring your car to a professional right away. This is an indicator that something’s amiss with your anti-lock braking system and your safety may be in danger.
  • Engine warning: The check engine light is another one of the most common dashboard warning lights in Lubbock, TX. It may illuminate for a variety of reasons, including problems with oil pressure, overheating, issues with the gas line or serious trouble with the engine. Our advice is to bring your car in for a full checkup if this light comes on.
  • Battery alert: Though the battery symbol indicates an issue with the vehicle’s charging system, it might not be a problem with the battery itself. This could be a sign that there’s something wrong with the alternator, or that there’s a damaged cable. A mechanic is the only person who can find the true root of the problem.
  • Low fuel: Any time you see the gas tank light start to blink, you should start searching for the nearest gas station. You never know how much longer you have until all of your gas is gone.
  • Airbag indicator: Since airbags are so vital for preventing injuries and saving lives during a crash, it’s crucial that you bring your car to a mechanic if you see the airbag light turn on. Again, a mechanic is the only one who will be able to find the root of an issue with your airbag system.

Never ignore dashboard warning lights in Lubbock, TX. Instead, come down to our shop and let the professionals at M & M Tire & Service Center perform a thorough diagnostic test. After we’re finished with your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing it’ll run smoothly and safely.

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