Five Questions to Consider When Hiring a Mechanic in Lubbock, TX

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Car repairs can be a significant investment. You want to take your vehicle to someone you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Where should you turn? Since there are many options when hiring a mechanic in Lubbock, TX, it’s important to choose wisely. Before you turn over your keys to one of these technicians, be sure they can answer the following questions.

Can you show me the problem?

Even if you’re not familiar with car parts, this is a good question to ask. You might not know exactly what you’re looking at, but this helps keep the mechanic honest and helps you better understand what repairs they are recommending. Think of your repairs the same way you think about medical treatment. The doctor shows you x-rays and test results before operating. A mechanic in Lubbock, TX should be able to show you what the problem is before proceeding with repairs.

How much will the repairs cost?

A trusted mechanic in Lubbock, TX should be able to give you a written estimate before completing the work. The final bill should be close to this amount. Don’t settle for a verbal estimate or a ballpark figure. The shop should know how much each part costs and be able to accurately estimate the labor involved for each repair. You don’t want any surprises when it comes time to pay.

Can you prioritize my repairs?

Often, a vehicle requires several repairs. If this is the case, some issues are typically more urgent than others. A mechanic in Lubbock, TX may recommend some things that would be good to do for your car and others that should be done right away to keep it safely running. Ask for a breakdown of the various repairs to learn which ones are essential for today and what you can save up for in the future, if needed.

What happens if I don’t fix it?

This question helps you understand why the mechanic is making the recommendation for repairs and whether or not the repairs are important. It’s a good follow-up question to the one about prioritizing. If they say a repair is essential, find out what will happen if you don’t do it. Will your engine break down, or would it be fine for six more months?

When will the repairs be complete?

Don’t assume you can zip in and out of the shop for a repair. Ask about the expected timeline. Will the mechanic in Lubbock, TX have to order parts? Is the shop booked up with other customers in front of you? If the repairs will be done in a few hours, do they offer a ride service, or have wi-fi in their office to work while you wait? It’s best to have an estimated wait time before you give the go-ahead to tear into your vehicle, so you’re not stranded unexpectedly.

Get More Answers

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