Why Recharging Your Car’s AC Will Help in the Summer

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On hot summer afternoons, your car can become an oven. If the AC in your car isn’t working properly, you may feel like you’re roasting inside your vehicle. If this is the case, it might be time to recharge your AC. You don’t have to suffer through the rest of the summer in a hot car. Here’s what you need to know about recharging for relief.

How the AC in your car works

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system relies on refrigerant to create cool surroundings in the cabin. If working properly, the system removes moisture from the air and effectively reduces the temperature inside your car. However, if the AC in your car does not have the necessary refrigerant to operate optimally, it cannot properly cool your vehicle’s interior.

What it means to recharge your AC

The word “recharge” may bring things to mind that don’t accurately depict this process. To recharge your AC is not like recharging a battery or an electric toothbrush. It does not involve plugging in your AC system to reboot or get a fresh boost of power.

When you recharge your AC, you add more refrigerant to the system. You may think of it as refilling the system with the coolant it needs. Once it is sufficiently recharged with refrigerant, the system can effectively cool your interior once again.

Not all systems can be recharged

It’s important to note that not all vehicles’ AC systems can be recharged. Some older models are equipped with systems that require coolant that has since been discontinued. In these cases, you will have to replace the AC in your car (or learn to live with a hot interior).

You need further repairs

If the AC in your car needs to be recharged, this is an indication of a larger problem with the system. You can recharge your AC, but this will only provide a temporary fix. The lack of refrigerant indicates a leak in the system that needs to be repaired.

A professional should recharge your AC

If the AC in your car needs to be recharged, it’s best to take the vehicle to a trained professional. Your mechanic can safely and efficiently recharge your AC as well as inspect the system for issues and make necessary repairs. Keep in mind that recharging your AC involves hazardous liquid that requires careful handling and proper disposal. For best results, leave this task to a certified mechanic. This expert will have the knowledge, tools and skills to safely recharge your AC and make your car comfortable again.

Keep it cool

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