Why Is Your Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

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Your car heater is a big part of your car being usable and comfortable as you drive. In the winter months, if your car does not have heat, it can be nearly impossible to drive and use your vehicle. That said, if your heater is blowing cold air, it is essential to take the time to get to the bottom of the issue and find out why.

Why Is My Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

There are a few reasons your car heater might be blowing cold air. The first possible cause is your car running low on engine coolant. The heating and air system in your car work on the principle that the air blows across the engine, and then the heat from the engine is transferred to the heater core. When your car is running low on coolant, it can make it so that the heat does not transfer properly, and the air coming into the car will be cold.

Another possible cause is that you have a faulty heater core. If coolant does not travel through the heater core, it cannot transfer the heat, and the heat cannot then be blown out into the car. Also, if the core itself is damaged, it might not heat up, and if you are dealing with your blower motor not reaching your heater core, you may also not get the warm air.

Your thermostats might also be damaged. If the thermostat is not working well, it might not engage the heating system as it is not communicating with the engine to tell it to turn the heating system on. If your heating controls are damaged, you might also not be able to get warm air.

Car Heater Not Working? What to Do

You first need to make sure that something is not switched on, like the AC button. You also want to check your temperature controls. If you are still having trouble, you do need to take the time to get to a mechanic to have a full system check. They will be able to check the heating and cooling system, the heater core, the fluid levels, and more.

They will also be able to take the time to find out what is causing the issue and come up with the best solution for what you are dealing with. Every car issue is different depending on the car. You might have a very serious issue that takes a long time and a great deal of money to fix. Or, it could be a very simple fix that is not something to worry about.

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