When Are Your Car Repairs Covered By Car Insurance?

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Taking care of your car can be a very expensive process. It can take thousands of dollars to recover after an accident, and it can be more money than you have, honestly. Taking the time to learn what your insurance will cover in terms of repair after an accident can help you keep your car in perfect working order.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance is in place to help you repair your vehicle in case of an accident or some damage that was done to your vehicle that was no fault of your own. This can mean damage that comes from an accident with another vehicle and any damage that results from that. It can be bodywork, it can be engine work, and nearly anything else. This is to help you get your car back on the road after you are involved in an accident.

Another type of repair that your insurance will cover is damage from weather like hail damage, damage from branches or debris getting blown into your vehicle, and any other damage that is the result of something that happened to the vehicle. Your insurance can also help to cover damage from things like your car catching on fire because of some mechanical failure. Your insurance is meant to help you pay the costs associated with getting your car back on the road after any accident.

Does Insurance Cover Oil Changes?

Your insurance does not cover routine maintenance like oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, and more. These are all things you need to pay for and that you need to keep up with to ensure that your vehicle is going to work and that it will be safe for you as well. There are not really any insurances that you can get that cover things like oil changes.

Depending on whether you own the vehicle or are leasing it, you can get a plan that does help you to pay for your routine care. For cars you are leasing, you will have a care package that is included in leasing costs. You can also get care packages with your favorite mechanic that can help pay for all your routine car care for the duration of the life of your vehicle.

Caring for your car is the only way that you are going to get a vehicle that is going to work for you, that is going to be safe, and more.

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