Why Your Car Feels So “Sluggish”

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Any time you get behind the wheel of your car, you’re probably hoping for a smooth, relaxing ride. As soon as things start to get bumpy or sluggish, though, there’s a chance your vehicle has some problems that need repairs. Trouble signs include wobbling, lack of acceleration, vibrating, bumping or rumbling.

But what exactly do these signs indicate, and how do you go about fixing the problem? It’s important to work with a skilled mechanic in Lubbock, TX who can properly diagnose the issue to be able to provide sufficient repairs.

Here are some of the potential problems that could result in your car feeling bumpy or sluggish while you’re behind the wheel:

  • Problems with the tires: Tire problems are the most likely culprit for a poor ride, and also the most affordable problem to fix. Just a couple dollars will allow you to inflate your tires to the correct level, which will make a big difference in the ride you get with your vehicle. In addition, improper wheel alignment or tires that have debris stuck in the treads can also result in a poor-quality ride. Most of these are simple fixes, so be sure to check the tires before you start looking into any of the more complicated (and expensive) possibilities.
  • Problems with the transmission: The last thing most vehicle owners want to hear is that they’re having problems with the transmission, but it can definitely happen, and when it does, it will almost certainly affect the quality of your ride. If you notice you have trouble shifting gears, this is a big indicator that you’re experiencing a transmission problem. You should have transmission issues fixed immediately, as the longer you wait, the more serious and complicated the problem will become, meaning it will also become more expensive to fix.
  • Problems with the suspension: The suspension is designed to keep your ride smooth and give you more control over your vehicle while on the road. If you have any suspension problems, you’re guaranteed to feel them. Signs include harsh impacts when going over bumps and potholes, or a car that bounces a lot before it comes to a stop. If you notice these types of issues happening in your vehicle, you should have a mechanic check out the suspension and the shock absorbers and make any necessary repairs before the problems become worse.
  • Problems with the brakes: If you’ve noticed your brakes are less responsive or actually more sensitive than before, or if you’ve noticed squealing or moaning sounds when applying the brakes, you almost certainly have an issue with your brakes that needs to be resolved. The problem could be worn down brake pads, damaged rotors or a variety of other issues that a mechanic can help you with. Again, you should not let brake issues go unresolved for too long.

For more information about potential fixes when your car feels “sluggish,” contact a mechanic in Lubbock, TX at M & M Tire & Service Center.

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