Our Top Winter Car Maintenance Tips

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With fall in full swing, the cold winter temperatures are just around the corner. Is your car fully prepared to handle cold temperatures and winter precipitation? It’s not hard to get your ride ready for even the roughest of winters—with a bit of extra car care, you can prevent the cold from wreaking havoc on your car. Here are some basic winter car care tips that can help you get ready for the coldest months of the year.

Maintain the battery

When temperatures fall, car battery performance can suffer greatly. Cold temperatures significantly reduce a battery’s cranking power by up to half when compared to warmer temperatures near the 80s.

Start by having your battery checked before winter. Your maintenance technician will check fluid levels, adding distilled water when necessary. If you’re lucky enough to have a maintenance-free battery, you can simply check the window at the top of the battery than indicates the level of charge. Sometimes, all it takes is some charging help from your local repair shop to bring a tired battery back to life again.

Invest in new wiper blades

One of the most general car care tips, but one that’s especially important in winter, is to regularly change your wiper blades. They should be changed much more often than most people think, often as frequently as every six months. Install new wiper blades before winter precipitation hits so you can safely navigate the roadways no matter the conditions outside.

Check the oil

Cold weather can take a toll on your engine, especially when temperatures get so low that your motor oil thickens. Thickened motor oil makes it harder for the car’s engine to turn over, potentially damaging it. It’s usually best to invest in an oil change before the winter and use a formula that provides good oil flow and low temperatures.

While you’re getting the oil changed, have the heater hoses and radiator checked for contamination from oil and replace them when necessary. Also, have your technician make sure your coolant mixture has an appropriate ratio of antifreeze and water.

Consider new tires

Worn tires are a danger to yourself and other drivers no matter the season, but especially during winter when precipitation can make roadways slick. Instead of wondering whether your tires are worn out, check each tire to ensure proper tread depth and wear. Tires with low tread need to be replaced, since they’ll lose traction on slick roadways. If you’re noticing uneven wear on any of the tires, a simple alignment service from your local mechanic can take care of it.

By taking some simple winter car care steps before the cold weather and winter precipitation arrive, you’ll be able to safely navigate the roadways no matter the weather outside. For help and advice with winter car maintenance, stop by or contact M & M Tire & Service Center today. We’ll make sure your car is ready to go throughout the winter and beyond, wherever your travels may take you!

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