Signs It Is Time for New Tires for Your Vehicle

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Every time you are driving, your car tires take a beating. It is not because you are a bad driver. It is simply the fact that your car tires are exposed to different terrains and surfaces every day. With time, they will get old and worn out. On average, car tires are expected to last about 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance. After some time, they stop being effective. That is why you need to know how to tell if you need new tires on your vehicle. Certain signs will tell you that your tires are worn out. Here are some of them.

Worn Out Tire Tread

Treading is important as it promotes road safety. Your car will drive better when your tires have good tread. But when they are worn out, your vehicle will find it hard to handle severe weather conditions like rain and snow. Worn-out treads also make other car parts wear down quickly. And remember that insufficient tread is illegal in some states and can lead to a penalty. So how do you know your tire tread is worn out? Do the coin test. Take a penny and insert it into the grooves of the tire tread with President Lincoln’s head facing down. If Lincoln’s forehead is hidden, your tires are good, but if not, you need new ones. Ensure you do the test on all your tires.

Old Tires

As stated earlier, most tires last anywhere between 5 and 10 years. Manufacturers recommend replacing them every six years. If you have had your car for a long time and have never changed the tires, you might require new tires. Check the time period the manufacturer of your tires suggests.

Cracks On the Sidewall

Not all tire issues are related to tread. The issue could also appear on the sidewall. This is something you check for visually. Are there any distinct cuts or cracks that you can see? This can indicate that your tires are developing a leak or are about to blow out. If you visit the auto repair shop, a mechanic is likely to suggest tire replacement, especially if you have had them for a long time.

Excess Vibration

Cars vibrate when they are driven, especially on poor roads. But if you feel the vibration is abnormal, it could mean many things, including an internal issue with your tires. Have it checked out. Even if the tires are not the problem, that vibration will ruin your tires, and in no time, you will need new tires.

Bulges and Blisters

Bulges and blisters are among the warning signs it is time for new tires. Extreme weather conditions combined with poor road conditions, rocks and potholes can lead to structural damage to the tires. This can cause the outer surface to start weakening, resulting in bulges and blisters. Unfortunately, bulges and blisters can lead to tire blowout while driving. To avoid this, get new tires.

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