Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

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It’s a nervous moment for any driver when the steering wheel starts to shake. This is a clear sign something is wrong with the vehicle, but figuring out precisely what is happening is not always so straightforward. What can you do when your car’s steering wheel starts to shake, and you aren’t sure of the cause? At M & M Tire & Service Center, we have some answers for what could be causing this issue. We want to help you just as we have helped our many customers before. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help make it happen. 

Your Tires Are Out of Balance

Tires are often the leading cause of an issue with the steering wheel in your car. When your tires get out of balance, they can cause the vehicle to shake, and ultimately they can cause your vehicle not to work at all. You should immediately take your vehicle in to get inspected to ensure the tires are balanced correctly as soon as you suspect something could be wrong with them. Don’t put this maintenance item on the back burner.

Brake Rotor Problems

When you notice your steering wheel start to shake, pay particular attention to when the shaking begins. Does it seem to happen when you apply pressure to the brakes? If so, you may have an issue with your brake rotors. The rotors can become misaligned at times, which could potentially require them to need replacement. Try to get this issue checked up on as quickly as possible. Your brakes are a critical safety component in your vehicle, and you can’t afford to take a chance on them.

Worn-Out Suspension

Every driver sincerely hopes they don’t have suspension problems when the steering wheel starts to shake, but this possibility can’t be ruled out if the steering wheel is going wild. The suspension in the vehicle may begin to wear out with time, and this can manifest in a shaking wheel. You should immediately take your vehicle in for inspection by a professional if you think the shaking wheel could be a suspension problem.

How Do I Fix My Steering Wheel Shaking?

If your steering wheel is shaking, you should take the vehicle in for a look no matter what you think the root cause of the problem may be. It is best to have the experts look it over and give you a formal diagnosis of what is going on with your vehicle before you jump to any conclusions. After all, that’s why they are paid what they are paid.

A shaky steering wheel is nothing to mess around with. If you have one on your vehicle, take it in to get looked at, and never wait around to see if things will get worse. Do what you need to do to get the issue checked out as soon as possible.

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