What Is Leaking Under My Car? My Car Is Leaking Fluid

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If you notice liquid dripping from your car, you may become panicked very quickly. This is a natural reaction to something happening to your vehicle, but working to fix the situation as quickly as possible will help your peace of mind. There are many different reasons why liquid may be dripping from your car, so try not to jump to the worst-case scenario when you notice an issue. M & M Tire Service has seen issues with liquid dripping from cars on countless occasions, and they have helped an untold number of customers get these problems fixed rapidly. They are standing by to help you with any issues you may have as well.

What If The Car Is Leaking Water?

If your car is merely leaking water, you may be in luck. Generally speaking, leaking water is simply a matter of condensation coming off of the air conditioning unit of your car. For the most part, there is little that you have to do in these circumstances. It is natural for your car to leak a little bit of water as it moves through the progress of your day. If you’re extra concerned about it, you should take it into the shop for an inspection.

Colorful Fluid Leak

Have you noticed a multi-colored fluid that’s coming out of your car? This is likely a leak of diesel or fuel of some kind. Typically, this comes from accidentally dropping a little bit of fuel while at the pump. However, there may be some causes for concern if your vehicle continues to leak fluids like this on a consistent basis. The color and the smell of this fluid will give away that there is likely a fuel leak in your car. A trained mechanic should examine consistent leaks of this kind.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

If you notice that your vehicle has started leaking red fluid, this is cause for concern. This likely means that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. That can be a serious issue both for the driveway where your car is parked (due to staining concerns) and for the vehicle itself. A transmission leak means that you may need a full transmission replacement, or at the very least a repair. In either case, these things can get very expensive very quickly. If you notice red fluid leaking from your vehicle at any time, you should make sure that you get it looked at as soon as possible.

Always Seek a Mechanic If You Aren’t Certain About Something

There is no harm in seeking out the professional opinion of a mechanic if you are uncertain about something happening with your vehicle. Fluid leaks of any kind can be concerning, and those who are not familiar with how their vehicle should operate need to take it to someone who can help them. M & M Tire will always be happy to assist you in these situations and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

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