What to Expect from a Tire Rotation

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Rotating the tires is a well-known yet often neglected tire safety tip. More car owners should make it part of their maintenance routine because such a simple process will keep you and your family members safe on the road. Here’s more on why every vehicle needs a tire rotation and when to schedule one with your car technician in Lubbock, TX.

Preventative maintenance

Tire rotations usually come last on a car owner’s to-do list, yet they’re one of the most important tire safety tips for every maintenance routine. Rotating your tires will make sure the treads on all four wheels receive equal wear and tear. This not only gives you better handling on the road but makes replacing tires a whole lot easier. Consistent tread depth throughout the set means you can replace them all at once and avoid the hassle of remembering when you swapped out individual tires.

Every car owner in Lubbock, TX has to rotate their tires on a regular basis because the treads won’t wear evenly on their own. The front and rear pairs of wheels perform different tasks and therefore experience differing levels of wear and tear. Rotating tires extends the tread’s lifespan so your vehicle can go longer in between tire replacements.

Rotation patterns

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, a car technician will execute one of several different tire rotation patterns. Cars with front-wheel drive typically use the forward cross method. This involves bringing the rear wheels to the front, then switching them from side to side. The front to rear pattern simply switches the front and rear tires. Your car technician might even rotate your tires in the X pattern, which diagonally changes their positions.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles require a different approach. Instead of the forward cross, car technicians use the rearward cross pattern. The only difference between the two patterns is rearward cross switches the positions of the back wheels, not the front. Cars with rear-wheel drive can also use the X pattern, so it’s a safe choice no matter your type of vehicle.

Warning signs

Generally, cars need a tire rotation every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. An easy way to remember this is by asking your car technician in Lubbock, TX to rotate the tires at your next oil change. However, rotations will have to occur more frequently if you notice some warning signs. One of the most obvious is a vibrating steering wheel. If this happens, immediately schedule an inspection with your mechanic.

Another tire safety tip is to periodically measure each wheel’s tread depth. If some are shallower than others, your tires are wearing unevenly. It’s even possible for a single tire to fray more in specific areas. Tires with shallow treads don’t have enough gripping power on the road to stop your vehicle at a moment’s notice. Uneven tires are especially dangerous during seasons with heavy rain and snow.

Rotating the wheels on your car always seems like a low priority until the damage has been done. Those who can’t remember their last tire rotation should schedule one with the car technicians at M & M Tire & Service Center. We’ll also check for signs of excessive wear and can even provide you with a whole new set of tires if the need arises. Reach out to book your visit!

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