How Heat Can Affect Your Tires

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Now that summer is in full swing, it’s a good time to make sure your vehicle is in the best shape possible to perform reliably in hot weather. Heat can affect many of your car’s systems, including your tires, and it’s important to understand heat’s effects on tires in Lubbock, TX to keep your car operating safely and reliably on the road. Keep reading to learn more about how heat affects tires and your car’s overall performance.

Heat’s effects on tires in Lubbock, TX

There are a lot of important things to understand about tires and heat effects in Lubbock, TX. While tires are designed to be resilient against a variety of extreme weather and road conditions, they are also susceptible to damage from intense heat. The hotter it gets, the more likely it is for your tires to sustain damage. Here are some of the most significant ways in which heat affects tires:

  • Pressure changes: One of the most common issues caused by high temperatures is pressure changes. Temperature fluctuations can cause tires to lose pressure, especially during periods of extended use on particularly hot days. When tires lose pressure, they are more likely to blow out on the road, and that can lead to a very dangerous situation for drivers.
  • Damage to rubber: Tires are made from rubber that’s designed to be flexible and hold up to various weather conditions. Rubber becomes more pliable when it gets hotter, which makes it more vulnerable to damage from hazards on the road. Tires that are overheated are much more likely to become punctured while driving or experience excessive wear.
  • Braking complications: Braking creates a lot of friction between brake pads and tires. Even on cold days, this friction generates a lot of heat, but the heat generated from braking friction on a hot day can cause serious problems. By creating more heat, braking on hot days can take a toll on tires and increase the risk of blowouts.

Keeping your tires safe

Considering this information about tires and heat effects in Lubbock, TX, it’s important to take some steps to protect your tires. There are a few simple things that can greatly improve the performance and safety of your tires. One of the most important things to do is regularly check your tire pressure level and adjust the air pressure as needed. It’s also important to get regular tire inspections from a professional technician. If your tires are worn out, get them replaced as soon as possible to avoid the risk of blowouts on the road.

Tires and heat effects in Lubbock, TX

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