Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

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It’s a question that has probably crossed everyone’s mind at some point or another — why are my brakes squeaking? There can be any number of reasons why your brakes might start making that tell-tale noise, from worn-out brake pads to dirty brake discs. In this article, we’ll look at the most common reasons your brakes are squeaking.

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

There can be any number of reasons why your brakes might start making that tell-tale noise, from worn-out brake pads to dirty brake discs. 

1. Your Brake Pads Are Worn Out

One of the most common reasons your brakes might start squeaking is because the brake pads are worn or thinning. When the brake pads wear down, they become less effective at stopping your car, which can cause a whole host of problems. Not only will you have to replace them more often, but you’ll also be at risk of damaging your brake rotors.

2. Rust and Debris on Brake Rotors

Rust and debris on the brake rotors are other major culprits. Over time, your brake rotors can become covered in a layer of rust or other debris, reducing their effectiveness. In some cases, it can even cause the brakes to seize up completely.

3. Overnight Moisture

You may be living in an area with high humidity, you might find that your brakes start to squeak after being exposed to overnight moisture. This is because the moisture can cause the brake pads and rotors to expand, leading to squealing when you use the brakes. To avoid this, it’s important to ensure that your brakes are dry before using them. You can do this by wiping them down with a clean, dry cloth or using a brake drying agent.

4. Dirty Brake Fluid

If your brake fluid is dirty, it can cause your brakes to squeal. Over time, the brake fluid can become contaminated with dirt and other debris, which can reduce its effectiveness. To keep your brake fluid clean, it’s essential to have it flushed and replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5. Worn-Out Brake Calipers

Another common cause of brake squealing is worn-out brake calipers. Over time, the calipers can become worn or damaged, which can cause them to leak fluid or not function properly. If your calipers are starting to wear out, it’s vital to get replacements as soon as possible.

6. Incorrect Brake Pad Installation

If your brake pads are not installed correctly, it can cause them to squeal. In some cases, the caliper bracket or pad backing plate may be rubbing against the rotor, which can cause a squeaking noise. To avoid this, it’s crucial to ensure that your brake pads are installed correctly by a professional.

While there are several reasons why your brakes might start squeaking, these are the most common. If you’re still not sure what’s causing the problem, it’s important to have your brakes checked out by a professional from M & M Tire & Service Center as soon as possible. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action.

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