Is My Car Battery Dead?

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Your car battery helps get your vehicle up and running. If it isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to get anywhere using your car.

Car batteries don’t just die for no reason. Common causes of dead car batteries include old age, loose electrical connections, corroded connections, extreme temperatures, and leaving your lights on too long. A battery may also die if the car remains inactive for too long.

So, how can you tell if you are dealing with a dead car battery? Watching for the signs detailed below should be very helpful in that regard.

How To Tell If Your Car Battery Is Dead

Cars are susceptible to numerous issues, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the specific problem sometimes. However, if you’re dealing with the issues highlighted in the section, chances are that you have a dead car battery.

Slow or No Engine Crank

The way your car cranks after you turn the key in the ignition could give clues related to its current condition. Your starter motor relies on the battery to receive power. If the battery is dead, the starter motor will not work as intended.

When you try to start a car with a dead battery, you may notice it cranks slowly. In some cases, the starter motor may not move at all.

Accessories Are Not Working

Modern cars are outfitted with numerous accessories that make traveling safer and more fun. Those accessories may come in the form of digital displays, massager seats, or even ambient lighting.

Those accessories will not turn if you have a dead car battery. You must do something about your car battery first before starting using those accessories again.

Headlights Are Dim or Remain Dark

Upon starting your car, you may notice that your headlights are dimmer than usual. Don’t dismiss that as your eyes just playing tricks on you. In all likelihood, it’s a sign that your car battery is dead.

Your headlights may also fail to come alive due to a lack of power.

A Bad Odor Is Coming From Your Car Battery

After attempting to start your car a few times to no avail, you will likely go to inspect it closer. As you check on your car battery, you may be greeted by a foul odor.

That foul odor is another sign that your car battery has died. In this scenario, the car battery is likely badly damaged. Work on replacing your battery immediately because it could threaten other components of your car if you leave it alone.

The Car Battery Case Is Swollen

The appearance of your car battery can also tell you if it is still working. Car batteries exposed to extreme temperatures tend to swell up before dying completely. If your car battery case looks bigger than normal, you now know why.

Keeping an eye on your car battery is always important because you don’t want it to lose juice at a critical time. Be mindful of the symptoms we’ve discussed here and be ready to take action if you notice them.

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