Why Are My Brakes Squeaking? Answers from Your Mechanic in Lubbock, TX

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Do you hear alarming squeaking noises coming from your brakes? What does this mean? Many vehicle owners assume this means they need new brake pads. While this may be the case, it isn’t a sure bet. These high-pitched noises could indicate one of several problems, or no problem at all. Your mechanic in Lubbock, TX can help determine the issue and identify an appropriate solution. Following are the most common scenarios:

  • Severe braking: It’s possible your brakes squeaked simply because you stopped quickly or under harsh conditions. If you’re barreling downhill and suddenly slam on the brakes to avoid a deer, your brakes may squeak. This is considered normal. Brakes do occasionally make noise.
  • Dirty conditions: Are you regularly braking in dusty or sandy conditions? The debris from the roadway can coat your brakes and cause squeaking. This is also considered normal. There will be some noise as the brakes scrape on the debris. It does not mean your brakes have gone bad.
  • Humidity: Weather affects just about everything, including car parts. Humid conditions can cause parts to swell, get sticky, get wet or otherwise alter in such a way that makes your brakes squeak. If you notice the noise when the humidity is high, this is probably the cause. If there seems to be no pattern to your brake noise, you can consult with your mechanic in Lubbock, TX to determine the issue.
  • Semi-metallic materials: Newer cars are equipped with harder brake pads than older vehicles. The semi-metallic material now used is safer than the asbestos material manufacturers used to use. These products are safer and have a longer lifespan, but they can also be louder. You may hear squeaking due to the nature of the material, but this is normal.
  • Wear and tear: Brake pads eventually wear out. There are times when the noises coming from your brakes indicate they have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. In this case, the squeaking is caused by the worn pad. It is no longer sufficient to properly pad and grip, and you hear metal-on-metal squeaking as a result. In this case, your mechanic in Lubbock, TX can replace your brake pads to keep your driving conditions safe.
  • Bad parts: In rare cases, you may just have a bad set of brake pads. They might not fit your car well or may have been installed improperly. You might consider using a different brand to reduce the noise. An experienced mechanic in Lubbock, TX can help you choose the best product for your vehicle and ensure it is professionally installed for optimal performance.

If you encounter any of these situations, don’t hesitate to contact your mechanic in Lubbock, TX. The experienced professionals at M & M Tire & Service Center can inspect your car and determine if the squeaking you hear is typical or cause for concern, and then provide the appropriate solution to keep your driving smooth and safe. Reach out to us today!

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