How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

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Performing regular vehicle maintenance is an important responsibility of car owners. Seasonal maintenance checks and services—like tire rotations, complete electrical system checks and brake inspections—will help your mechanic determine whether everything is functioning as it should be, free of major problems, or if some repairs are needed. Winter is coming soon, and since colder weather can cause your vehicle’s motor oil to thicken, the pros highly recommend you bring your car in for an oil change in Lubbock, TX soon.

Keep in mind that even though there’s some car maintenance you can do yourself, most winter maintenance is best done by an auto professional. Either way, here are a few things you should do to prepare your vehicle for the cold winter months ahead:

  • Check the battery: At home, open the hood and look at the battery. Chances are the battery, box and connections are a little dirty. To clean it, put on rubber gloves and protective eyewear. Use a brush to remove corrosion from cables, then clean surfaces and tighten all connections. During professional maintenance, ask your mechanic to test the battery and check the fluid level.
  • Test the heater and defrosters: Winter is prime time to use your heater and window defrosters. You probably haven’t used these heating elements much in recent months, which is why you need to test the system. Check all settings to make sure warm air is blowing in. If warm air is lacking or the air smells musty, take your vehicle to the shop for a heater inspection.
  • Check all lights: Inspect all lights inside and outside to ensure adequate visibility when driving. Replace burnt-out lightbulbs and clean grimy lenses, and inform your mechanic of any lights that still do not work even after replacing the bulbs.
  • Change the oil and oil filter: Before trying a DIY oil change in Lubbock, TX, read your owner’s manual for specifics. This will tell you what type of oil to use and how often to change it. Cold weather can thicken motor oil inside the engine. It needs to be replaced prior to winter, but be sure to stick to a regular oil and oil filter changing schedule no matter the time of year.
  • Inspect the tires and brakes: Worn-out, damaged and low tread is dangerous to drive on in winter weather conditions. A lack of tire tread can cause your vehicle to slide across icy roads and get stuck in snow. Whatever causes a vehicle to stop in the middle of the road, it becomes an obstacle for other vehicles, and auto accidents may follow. As for your car’s brakes, have your mechanic inspect them to rule out any major problems.
  • Replace wiper blades: You should install new windshield wipers every six to 12 months, including before the start of winter. Use blades for your climate, and top off windshield washer fluid often.

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