Winter Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Tips from a Mechanic in Lubbock, TX

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Winter is right around the corner, and it’s important for all drivers to be prepared for the seasonal conditions. Read on for a rundown of vehicle maintenance and general tips from a seasoned mechanic in Lubbock, TX for safer winter driving.

Winter vehicle maintenance tips

Regular auto maintenance is important to keep moving parts running well, but it’s also crucial for ensuring your safety while driving in various winter weather conditions:

  • Remove snow from your car: If there’s snow on your car, clean it away before driving—including the roof, hood, windows, side mirrors and lights. It’s against the law in some states to drive a vehicle without clearing snow off first, which makes sense for several reasons. Snow on windshields will obstruct your view of the road, and uncleared snow can fly off your moving car and hit vehicles around you.
  • Check the tire pressure: Tires will deflate significantly in freezing weather. Under-inflated tires can negatively affect brake response time and vehicle handling. To prevent these problems, check the pressure often throughout the cold winter months. You can find the correct pressure for your tires in the owner’s manual or online.
  • Always have fuel in the gas tank: If the weather is cold enough where you live, it’s possible for condensation to form in the open space of your gas tank and freeze. Frozen condensation can block the fuel line, preventing your vehicle from starting or running properly. We suggest you keep your gas tank at least half full during winter.
  • Use the right mixture of anti-freeze: In winter, use a 50/50 water/anti-freeze mixture to keep your car running strong. Doing so can also extend the life of your engine.

Safe wintertime driving tips

Safe drivers have one thing in common: they know how to handle their vehicle in all weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice or wind, there are steps you can take to stay safe when driving this winter:

  • Drive at safe speeds: Although speed limits are posted, use your best judgment when driving in harsh winter conditions. For example, the posted speed limit may be 70 mph, but you will want to drive much slower when the roads are icy or wet or it’s storming.
  • Maintain distance: Normal driving conditions call for maintaining three seconds of distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. However, typical winter driving conditions change this rule from three seconds to eight to 10 seconds of distance. This will give you a chance to brake in time to avoid ramming into the car in front of you should it stop or slow down suddenly.
  • Check the forecast: Whether you’re running quick errands or going on a longer drive, always check the forecast for updated winter weather conditions.
  • Give way to snowplows: Never tailgate a snowplow. Maintain a minimum of 70 feet of distance to ensure you’re out of its blind spots and to avoid being sprayed with sand, brine and snow.

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