Why Won’t My Car’s AC Blow Cold Air?

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You return the shopping cart after grocery shopping on a hot, west Texas afternoon. The mercury must be past 100 degrees. Groceries are piled high in the back. As you climb onto the scorching hot leather seats and start the ignition, you expect the cool relief of conditioned air to pour through the vents. Instead, you irritatingly notice as you back out of the parking space that lukewarm air is emanating from the vents. As you turn onto the highway, the car is not getting any cooler, and you wonder why the AC won’t blow cold air.

Is it time to take the car to a trusted mechanic in Lubbock, TX? There are several reasons why the AC may not be working properly.

Low Refrigerant

The most common reason that cool, fresh air is not blowing into the cabin of your vehicle is that your system may not have enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is the liquid that flows through your AC system’s hoses. If the refrigerant is low, there won’t be enough pressure to make the clutch kick in and start the compressor cycle. Failed components could be the cause of low refrigerant, as well as a leak in the system. It’s important to note that the level of refrigerant does decline very slowly over time. A certified professional auto mechanic in Lubbock, TX will be able to determine why the refrigerant is low.

Blocked or Broken Condenser

The condenser is the most important piece of equipment in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. If this equipment is damaged or blocked up with debris, the condenser will not be operational. You will not have cold or even cool air coming from your system. A certified mechanic will be able to help you determine if you need a new condenser or if the debris can be removed from your existing one.

Restrictions in the System

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system has hoses and tubes. Just as a kink in your garden hose causes the water not to flow, a restriction in one of your air conditioning hoses will cause the refrigerant not to flow as it should. This will cause a blockage, and the cold air will not be blowing through your vents. A certified mechanic can identify what is causing this blockage and remove the obstacle.

Bad Clutch Cycling Switch

At times, the clutch cycling switch will fail. If this switch fails, then the air compressor won’t kick in and the refrigerant will not move through the system. Replacing the clutch cycling switch is a relatively inexpensive fix. A certified professional will check to see if this switch is operational, as well as check the refrigerant levels.

Choosing the Right Mechanic in Lubbock, TX

Don’t sweat it when trying to find the right mechanic in Lubbock, TX. The best choice in vehicle air conditioner repair is M & M Tire & Service Center. We are your one-stop certified auto service shop, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call today to get your AC blowing cool air again.

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