What’s a Tune-Up? When Should You Get One?

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If your car is experiencing problems, you might think that it’s time for a tune-up. Maybe your engine misfired, or the performance seems a little off. You don’t think there’s any major problem—the engine turns over eventually, and you can still get from point A to point B—but maybe you need to have a mechanic take a look.

But what exactly is part of a standard tune-up? Today we’ll go over this, as well as take a look at some of the signs that your vehicle is ready for an auto tune-up in Lubbock, TX.

What’s included in a tune-up

A trained mechanic will go through the following steps during a tune-up:

  • Inspect the engine’s fuel system, checking the fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injection system for clogs and grime
  • Inspect spark plugs to make sure they’re functioning and show no signs of wear and tear
  • Replace car’s ignition points and condenser if necessary
  • Inspect the engine PCV valve
  • Check levels of oil and coolant
  • Check ignition timing and idle, adjusting where needed

Signs that a car is ready for a tune-up

There are several signs that your car needs a tune-up:

  • Air filter problems: If you’re noticing performance problems like poor gas mileage or the car just not having as much get up and go, it could be a clogged air filter. Your mechanic will check this out during a tune-up.
  • Engine misfire: This is a sign that you have faulty or expired spark plugs. Most spark plugs are supposed to last 100,000 miles, but this doesn’t always happen.
  • Check engine light: It might be tempting to ignore that check engine light, but rest assured that it’s popped on for a reason. One common cause is a faulty oxygen sensor, which could cause your car to fail an emissions test and result in bad fuel economy. Oxygen sensors are supposed to last around 90,000 miles, and a busted sensor could lead to serious internal engine problems.
  • Engine deposits: Poor-quality or contaminated gasoline is liable to result in the builup of gunk in the fuel lines. A tune-up will spot this issue and a fuel injection system cleaning will be necessary.

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