What to Expect at Each Regular Service Interval

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Car manufacturers recommend that routine services for new vehicles be performed at standard mileage intervals, typically at 15,000, 30,000, 45,000 and 60,000 miles. If you buy a used car, simply pick up regular service and inspections, based on what the odometer reads, where the previous owner left off. The key to your car lasting for a long time is staying up on vehicle maintenance, which is why you should be armed with a checklist of maintenance and services for each mileage milestone.

You might be wondering what to expect at each regular service interval for your vehicle, so let’s ask an experienced mechanic in Lubbock, TX!

Early miles

Because proper lubrication is crucial to the health of the engine, the motor oil and oil filter need to be changed and replaced frequently. On average, for a typical gasoline engine, these both need to be changed about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, while some modern synthetic oils could go up to 7,500 miles between changes. Ultimately, how often your oil needs changing depends a lot on your daily driving habits.

15,000-mile service

Your first major auto service will be around the 15,000-mile mark. For brand-new vehicles, this is likely to occur within the first year, and the checklist is relatively basic. Expect to have the motor oil and filter changed, which ensures optimal gas mileage and keeps engine contaminants to a minimum. The engine air filter and cabin air filter need to be replaced to keep your car’s interior free of dust and contaminants. Also, the windshield wiper blades should be inspected and replaced as needed.

30,000-mile service

Along with all the checklist items from your 15,000-mile service, your vehicle’s 30,000-mile service will also include a fuel filter replacement to keep the engine running smoothly and an engine coolant flush to prevent your engine from overheating. The power steering and transmission fluids should be flushed out and replaced every 30,000 miles for good auto health, especially since these fluids eventually break down and lose their effectiveness.

45,000-mile service

Common maintenance items at 45,000 miles include an oil and oil filter change, but there will also be a strong focus on the ignition system. Worn spark plugs can cause engine misfires and dead cylinders, so keep in mind that spark plugs need to be replaced every 45,000 miles or after three years. Otherwise, they can hinder the performance and lifespan of the engine. Brake fluid should also be changed at this interval, and the brake pads checked and replaced as needed.

60,000-mile service

Repeat the 30,000-mile service along with replacing the timing belt. The timing belt’s job is to move internal engine components; therefore, serious damage can be done to the engine if it breaks. At this time, the battery may be losing its charge and should be tested and replaced if needed to avoid startup failures.

Whether your vehicle needs 15, 30, 45 or 60,000-mile service or requires high mileage care and maintenance, call M & M Tire & Service Center. Call us today to schedule a service with a mechanic in Lubbock, TX!

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