Five Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair

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If you have a flat tire, you know you need a new tire. If the fuel gauge is approaching empty, you know you need more gas. But how can you know if you need brake repair in Lubbock, TX? The signs aren’t quite as obvious as these other issues, but if you know what to look for, it’s easy to discern when your brakes need attention. Keep an eye out for the following top signs:

  • Squealing: If you’re hearing a squealing or screeching noise when you brake, this is an indication that your brakes are failing. Your brakes are actually communicating with you that it’s time to change the brake pads. If you hear these noises, be sure to contact your local technician for brake repair in Lubbock, TX as soon as possible.
  • Vibrations: When you apply the brakes, your vehicle should stop smoothly. If you feel vibrations or shaking when you brake, your car needs maintenance. This is a sign that the rotors are warped, which will have a direct effect on the performance of your brakes. Don’t try to live with this brake shake. Consult with an experienced brake specialist who can make the necessary repairs to your system.
  • Grinding: If the noises your brakes are making have moved past squealing and screeching to grinding or howling, it’s definitely time for brake repair in Lubbock, TX. These sounds indicate that metal is grinding on metal, meaning your brake pads are gone or almost gone. Delaying the needed maintenance can cause damage to other brake parts, so take your vehicle in to the shop right away.
  • Giving: If your brake pedal “gives” when you push on it, you should have your brakes checked by a mechanic. For top safety, your brakes should respond reliably. When you have to push the pedal farther to get a response, your brake pads may be worn, or your brake system may have a more serious issue. Get it checked out as soon as you can.
  • Pulling: Your car should not pull to one side when you brake. If it does, you have an issue with your brake system. The pulling could mean your brake pads are worn unevenly, or your brake fluid may be corrupted. A broken hose could also be to blame. It’s important to have this issue checked out by a qualified mechanic to identify the cause of the pulling and make repairs to keep you safely on the road.

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