January 29, 2022

"The M&M crew; and especially Mitch, are the most competent, honest, reliable, and professional automotive service you will find in Texas and probably the entire United States. I have been doing business with them for the last 5 years and will not take my business anywhere else, ever. My son recently took his 2001 Nissan truck to a shop in Denver CO for inspection. They tried to stiff him for an $1800 repair to replace the catalytic converter. I took the truck to M&M where it was properly diagnosed. Mitch & crew found the real problem (leaking manifold), fixed it, replaced wiper blades, inspected the truck. For $182, I was back on the road the same day. How often does that happen? If you have an automotive problem, do yourself a favor and take it to M&M for a stress-free, honest, reasonable experience. I can't recommend them highly enough with words. You just have to experience the difference between M&M and all the other shops; especially dealerships."
January 21, 2022

"The BEST automotive experience I've ever had. Friendly, fast, and inexpensive."
January 17, 2022

"Mitch was fantastic would recommend this shop"
January 7, 2022

April 2, 2021

"I brought my car to M&M with what I thought was an intake manifold gasket leak. Within a day and a half they had found the real problem and fixed it, and at a fraction of what I expected to pay. This is car repair you can trust."