July 25, 2023

"HUGE shout out to the M&M Crew! Our DD on her way home from college experienced trouble and they got her in and on the road immediately! Us WA State people love the Texan spirit! THANK YOU bunches!!!!"
July 25, 2023

"My Daughter was traveling from Texas to Washington state when she hit a huge pothole, that damaged her vehicle. We called several shops in the area and got the same old,sorry we cant help we are to busy. Then we called M&M and explained our situation to Mitch. He was a gift from God. His response to me was have her bring it down and we can at least see what is wrong with it and if we can't fix it we will help her find someone who can. They took the time to help someone in their time of need and got her back on her long trip home. These are great people and this Dad appreciates them very much. Gods light shines through their kindness. Thank you very much Mitch. May God bless you and your family."
July 21, 2023

"As long as I have a choice, I won't go anywhere else. I trust Mitch and his crew with the safety of my kids, my wife and me. If the work's not in his wheelhouse, he knows where to send you. There is nothing better than having a mechanic you trust, and Mitch is that guy for me."
July 8, 2023

"Went here on a recommendation from a friend and I'm glad i did. These guys will do right by you and make sure to suggest the right thing, not necessarily the thing that will make them the most money at that time. Why? Because that's how you get customers for life. I will be one of them. Also, it's a very peaceful place for being a mechanic shop!"
June 8, 2023

"Very helpful! I needed help diagnosing a strange sound coming from my front suspension. Even though they were all booked for the day they still managed to squeeze me in since I was traveling from out of town. They drove the car, figured out the issue (sway bar) and let me know it was not a safety issue so that I could travel with peace of mind. Best of all they didn’t charge me a dime despite my offers to pay them for their time. I am highly recommended these nice folks."